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Auramotive Mechanical

Auramotive Mechanical is the expert truck repair service Northern Beaches truck owners rely on for the scheduled and preventative maintenance of their trucks. From all types of trucks to freight carriers to buses, our heavy vehicle mechanics have the experience, knowledge and expertise to repair all heavy vehicles.

Our truck repairs include: 

  • Brake repairs and replacement
  • Engine repairs and rebuilds
  • Gearbox repairs and replacements
  • Clutch repairs and replacements
  • Suspension repairs and replacements
  • Differential repairs and replacements
  • Welding repairs
  • Electrical repairs
  • Diagnostic and fault finding

Auramotive Mechanical is your go-to truck service centre in the Northern Beaches for all truck maintenance services. We can do regularly scheduled and preventative maintenance on small, medium or heavy trucks and trailers using the latest technologies and techniques in the industry today. Whatever truck maintenance services you need, we can provide.


Auramotive Mechanical is known for its expert truck service and repair. We have truck hoists, overhead cranes and welding facilities to undertake servicing work for a wide range of heavy vehicles.

Our truck service and repair include:

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