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Suspension Repair Northern Beaches

We are the professional suspension repair Northern Beaches residents rely upon for their vehicle’s suspension. It is a serious part of a car’s safety system. Common problematic signs that occur when a vehicle’s suspension is in need of repair are; loose handling, premature tyre wear, vehicle dips forward when braking, visible moisture around the shock absorbers and/or your vehicle doesn’t handle corners well.  This is the time to see suspension repair mechanics.

 Mechanical’s expert suspension repair mechanics are known for delivering the highest quality of suspension repair services on the northern beaches.

Our suspension repair service includes inspection, repair and/or replacement of:

  • Shock absorbers
  • Springs 
  • Struts 
  • Sway bars
  • Fluid and leaks
  • Welding 
  • Hydraulics

Suspension Repair Services

Takes pride in delivering the highest quality suspension repair services in Sydney and nearby locations. With your vehicle’s suspension being one of the most critical components that keep your wheels on the road where they need to be, it is imperative that they have to be in good operating condition.

An old, failing, or broken suspension can and will cause accidents because it will drastically affect the safety and drivability of your vehicle. When you have sloppy or loose handling, harsh ride over bumps, or premature tyre wear, it is about time for a car suspension repair. Plan to get your vehicle to our garage to get your suspension fixed or replaced.

Expert Suspension Repair Services

At Auramotive Mechanical, we understand the importance of having a properly functioning suspension system for your vehicle. Your suspension ensures comfort, handling, and safety while driving. Our expert suspension repair services in Northern Beaches cater to all kinds of vehicles, offering reliable solutions for any suspension issue.

Suspension Issues and Solutions

Common suspension problems can significantly affect your vehicle’s performance and safety. At Auramotive Mechanical, we tackle these issues with precision to ensure smooth and reliable driving.

Reduced damping can cause poor ride quality, excessive bouncing, and decreased handling. Our solution includes replacing worn shock absorbers or struts with high-quality aftermarket components for improved stability.

Sagging coil or leaf springs can lead to uneven vehicle height and reduced load-carrying capacity. We replace or adjust faulty springs to restore your vehicle’s proper ride height and handling.

Worn ball joints and bushings often result in noisy suspension, uneven tyre wear, and unstable handling. Our mechanics replace these components with premium-grade parts to ensure smooth steering and control.

Misaligned wheels can cause uneven tyre wear and poor steering control. We conduct a comprehensive wheel alignment using modern diagnostic equipment.

Air suspension leaks lead to inconsistent ride height and an overworked compressor. We repair or replace leaking air springs and faulty compressors.

Complete Suspension Inspection

A comprehensive inspection is essential for identifying and diagnosing suspension issues accurately. At Auramotive, we offer a complete suspension inspection that includes:

  • Visual Inspection: Checking for visible damage, leaks, and wear on suspension components like springs, shocks, struts, and bushings.
  • Component Testing: Testing the functionality of shocks, struts, ball joints, and other suspension elements.
  • Tyre Inspection: Examining tyres for uneven wear patterns that could indicate alignment or suspension problems.
  • Alignment Check: Assessing wheel alignment using advanced equipment to ensure proper steering and handling.
  • Steering System Assessment: Evaluating the steering system for wear, damage, and proper operation.
  • Load Testing: Testing the vehicle’s suspension under load to identify sagging or uneven ride height issues.


Why Choose Auramotive Suspension Repairs?

Auramotive Mechanical is a fully licensed automotive servicing and repair company committed to delivering efficient and reliable suspension repairs. Our focus is on providing straightforward communication, competitive pricing, and high-quality aftermarket parts for every suspension repair service in Northern Beaches. With a strong emphasis on transparency and customer satisfaction, our team ensures your vehicle receives expert attention to maintain safety, handling, and ride comfort. We strive to minimise downtime with fast turnaround times while upholding quality standards.


Qualified Suspension Mechanics

Our team of qualified suspension mechanics has extensive training and experience in diagnosing and repairing suspension systems. They are adept at handling suspension components for all types of vehicles, including cars, SUVs, 4WDs, and trucks. Their technical expertise ensures accurate problem identification and effective repair solutions.


Advanced Diagnostic Equipment

We use the latest diagnostic equipment to pinpoint suspension issues with precision. Our tools include computerised alignment machines, shock absorber testers, and specialised diagnostic scanners. This technology allows us to offer accurate car suspension repair in Northern Beaches that keeps your vehicle running smoothly.


Efficient and Transparent Service

Auramotive is known for its efficient and transparent service. From the initial check to the final repair, we ensure that customers are fully informed about their vehicle’s condition and the steps required for repairs. Our approach involves:

  • Clear Communication: Providing a detailed diagnosis and explanation of the recommended repairs.
  • Competitive Pricing: Offering competitive rates without compromising the quality of parts or services.
  • Fast Turnaround: Completing repairs promptly to minimise vehicle downtime.
  • Quality Assurance: We use high-quality aftermarket parts and provide repair warranties.


Our Suspension Repair and Maintenance Services

Auramotive Mechanical provides a comprehensive range of suspension repair and maintenance services for all types of vehicles. Our skilled mechanics diagnose and repair suspension issues using advanced diagnostic equipment, ensuring optimal ride quality, handling, and safety. Whether it’s shock absorber replacement, steering alignment, or bushing repairs, we deliver efficient, high-quality service to keep your vehicle performing at its best.


Custom Suspension Solutions

Every vehicle has unique suspension requirements, and at Auramotive, we provide custom suspension solutions to address specific issues effectively. This includes:

  • Upgrading Suspension Components: Installing high-performance shocks, struts, and springs for improved handling and ride quality.
  • Reinforcing Suspension for Heavy-Duty Use: Strengthening suspension systems for vehicles carrying heavy loads or frequently driving on rough terrains.
  • Air Suspension Repairs and Upgrades: Repairing leaks, replacing faulty compressors, and upgrading air suspension systems for improved performance.
  • 4WD Suspension Upgrades: Enhancing suspension systems for off-road vehicles to improve clearance and durability.
  • Bushing and Joint Replacement: Replacing worn bushings, ball joints, and control arms with high-quality aftermarket components.


Routine Suspension Maintenance

Regular suspension maintenance in Northern Beaches is crucial to prevent unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. Our routine maintenance services include:

  • Suspension System Lubrication: Ensuring all moving parts like ball joints and bushings are properly lubricated.
  • Component Tightening: Checking and tightening suspension bolts, nuts, and fasteners.
  • Tyre Pressure and Alignment Check: Ensuring tyres are inflated to the correct pressure and aligned correctly.
  • Shock Absorber and Strut Testing: Testing the damping efficiency of shocks and struts.
  • Load Testing and Ride Height Adjustment: Adjusting ride height for vehicles carrying heavy loads or sagging springs.
  • Bushing and Joint Wear Inspection: Identifying early signs of bushing and joint wear for timely replacement.

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